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Stamped Concrete Sealing

Stamped concrete is a fantastic economical alternative to traditional pavers or natural stone, accentuating your landscaping with years of beauty and creating an inviting outdoor living space your friends and family will adore. Unfortunately, the reality is that the relentless forces of mother nature will wear down your sealer over the years. This can result in discoloration, fading, or even the elimination of your color and stain from the surface.

We at Brown Hardscape have invested countless hours experimenting with different types of sealers to find the best possible solutions, tailor-made for the climate of our Southeast Michigan customers.

We only use the highest quality concrete sealers. Each contains a slip-resistant additive to ensure a properly bonded seal that will last multiple seasons.

Unlike many competitors whom ignore the presence of existing sealers, the professionals at Brown Hardscape take care in applying the ideal type and amount of sealant, according to the current condition of the substrate. Some surfaces contain little to no sealer and requires multiple coats.  Whereas other surfaces have pre-existing sealant and requires only one application.

At Brown Hardscape we employ a two step application process for sealing stamped concrete. We start by spraying small sections of your stamped concrete  with our top quality sealers. We then carefully roll the sealers evenly across the entire surface. This process ensures complete protection of your surface. And resulting in a vibrant, clean, uniform appearance that your friends and neighbors will envy. 

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Preferred sealers for this surface type: Vexcon AC1315 HG, Vexcon AC1315, Masterkure 300SB

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Concrete Staining

Staining stamped concrete borders and accents is a great and popular way to add depth and contrast to your patios and walkways. Unfortunately, if the proper care was not taken when sealing, or if too much time has lapsed between re-sealing, your once beautiful accent or border can become faded and unsightly.

If your hardscape includes a concrete accent or border, the professionals at Brown Hardscape will assess it’s condition and make a recommendation based on the current condition of the surface. Depending on the condition it may be necessary to re-stain your accent or border before sealing to truly bring your hardscape back to it’s original glory.

At Brown Hardscape we employ a highly accurate color matching system, so whether you want to bring your original color or stain back to life, or bring a new look to your patio or walkway with a new color or stain, the professionals at Brown Hardscape have you covered. If you have surfaces with no pre-existing color, don’t fret. We can add color or stain to enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Explore our stamped concrete staining color charts by clicking here for ARTesian Stain and here for Smith Stain.

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Concrete Coloring

If you find that your once vibrant stamped concrete has lost it’s color over the years due to lack of or improper sealing, do not worry, at Brown Hardscape we have an affordable solution for you.

Concrete coloring (known in the industry as “antiquing“) will revitalize any decorative concrete surfaces, such as your patio, driveway, or pool deck.

Stamped concrete color restoration is a process that must be done before the concrete sealing phase. No pre-existing sealer can be present on the surface for the color to adhere properly. If pre-existing sealer is present on the surface, a complete stripping of that sealer is necessary. (ask about our eco-friendly method of dustless stripping)

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Check out the color chart for your project here.

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*Services including brick paver leveling, paver power washing, paver sanding & sealing.

Stamped Concrete Power Washing

Surface preparation is vital for any project.  At Brown Hardscape we always thoroughly power wash the entire surface before starting any staining and/or sealing project. If the surface is not properly prepared you can expect discoloring, hazing, or other sealer issues in the future. We use commercial grade pressure washers and specialized washing nozzles to give your concrete a deep and thorough cleaning.

We take comprehensive care cleaning our customers stamped concrete patios and driveways to ensure our sealer and stain will adhere effectively. As a result, our choice of sealant applied with our techniques will last longer than many competitors, especially in the varying climate of Southeast, MI.

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