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Stamped Concrete Power Wash & Sealing

Stamped concrete is a fantastic economical alternative to traditional pavers or natural stone, accentuating your landscaping with years of beauty and creating an inviting outdoor living space your friends and family will adore. Unfortunately, the reality is that the relentless forces of mother nature will wear down your sealer over the years. This can result in discoloration, fading, or even the elimination of your color and stain from the surface.

We at Brown Hardscape have invested countless hours experimenting with different types of sealers to find the best possible solutions, tailor-made for the climate of our Southeast Michigan customers.

Brick Paver Repair and Installation

Brick and stone paver roads and walkways have been used for centuries. And while traditional sand was okay for the ancient Romans, today we know that to properly secure your pavers, use of polymeric sand is a necessity.

At Brown Hardscape we only use polymeric sand. Unlike regular sand that washes away with rain, polymeric sand seals joints effectively through water activated polymers that lock the pavers in place.  Without this water-tight seal, water can seep through the joints and travel underneath your pavers. This can erode the base, and in our Michigan climate, the winter freeze/thaw cycle can cause the pavers to rise and shift. Many competitors fail to recognize the difference between regular play sand and brick paver polymeric sand. This is a major issue as it is no longer advisable to use traditional play sand when filling the joints of pavers.

We at Brown Hardscape have invested countless hours experimenting with different types of sealers to find the best possible solutions, tailor-made for the climate of our Southeast Michigan customers.

Exposed Aggregate Power Wash and Sealing

Exposed aggregate is a popular alternative to stamped concrete or pavers for decorative hardscape. That’s why we have invested countless hours experimenting with different types of concrete sealers to find the best possible solution for our Macomb and Oakland County, Michigan customers with exposed aggregate.

Professional sealing from Brown Hardscape will protect your aggregate from weathering and erosion as well as provide a glistening sheen aesthetic. For exposed aggregate, we use a choice of special high gloss sealer or unique “brown tone” sealer. Unlike traditional concrete sealers, it offers better consistency, a more even color, and an attractive “honey-glazed” finish.

Our exposed aggregate sealants contain slip-resistant additives and consist of only the finest acrylics to ensure a sufficient seal that will last throughout the seasons.

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Why should I seal my stamped concrete of pavers?

Increase the longevity of your stamped concrete or paver surfaces –

Without proper maintenance and protection, your stamped concrete or brick pavers will weather and begin to lose its integrity over time. This can result in discoloration and textural imperfections. To get the most out of your expensive decorative hardscape installation it is important to keep up on maintenance and increase the lifespan of your hardscape.

Helps protect from color fading –

In addition to damage to the concrete itself, unprotected hardscape leaves your topical stained accents vulnerable to fading. In some cases losing their color entirely. Resulting in greater restoration costs over time. A properly sealed stained accent will last years longer than an unprotected stain. 

Makes cleaning easier –

We find that most customers with a decorative hardscape patio also have some form of outdoor cook space on that patio. Things like grease and oil from grilling can be cleaned off much easier on a sealed surface thanks to the thin layer of acrylic the sealant provides. 

Recommended maintenance schedule –

We strongly advise to seal your stamped concrete or brick pavers every 2-3 years to ensure longevity and the best results for the future maintenance. Waiting too long can subject your hardscape to weathering, loss of color, and will be harmful to the integrity of the substrate. However WE DO NOT RECCOMEND SEALING YOUR HARDSCAPE EVERY YEAR, this will build up too many layers of product. This can cause an unsightly whitening effect, even worse can cause future applications of sealant to not adhere properly. And unfortunately removing excess or low quality sealer is an expensive process.