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Brick Paver Sanding

Brick and stone paver roads and walkways have been used for centuries. And while traditional sand was okay for the ancient Romans, today we know that to properly secure your pavers, use of polymeric sand is a necessity.   

At Brown Hardscape we only use polymeric sand. Unlike regular sand that washes away with rain, polymeric sand seals joints effectively through water activated polymers that lock the pavers in place.  Without this water-tight seal, water can seep through the joints and travel underneath your pavers. This can erode the base, and in our Michigan climate, the winter freeze/thaw cycle can cause the pavers to rise and shift. Many competitors fail to recognize the difference between regular play sand and brick paver polymeric sand. This is a major issue as it is no longer advisable to use traditional play sand when filling the joints of pavers.

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Brick Paver Power Wash & Seal

Brick or stone pavers are a classic way to build a beautiful, upscale, and durable outdoor space that can last decades. However after a few years many homeowners notice a dulling of a once vibrant color, and a flat sheen on a once glossy finish. Like any material that is exposed to the elements year round, brick or stone pavers must be properly maintained to retain it’s original aesthetic.

At Brown Hardscape, we only use the highest quality sealers. Each containing  slip-resistant additives that ensures a secure seal that can last throughout the seasons.

The professionals at Brown Hardscape always analyze each project carefully to determine the ideal, type and amount of sealant, according to the current condition of the substrate. Some surfaces contain little to no sealer and requires multiple coats.  Whereas other surfaces have pre-existing sealant and requires only one application.

At Brown Hardscape we employ a two step application process for sealing brick, and stone pavers. We start by spraying small sections of your brick or stone pavers with our top quality sealers. We then carefully roll the sealers evenly across the entire surface. This process ensures complete protection of your surface. And resulting in a vibrant, clean, uniform appearance that your friends and neighbors will envy.

At Brown Hardscape, we always thoroughly power-wash every project before we begin any sealing. This is important because without proper surface preparation; discoloration, flaking, or other issues are likely to occur in the future. The careful use of our commercial grade pressure washer coupled with specialized nozzles ensures that our sealer will adhere effectively and completely. This ensures that the sealer will provide maximum protection for your surface from the harsh climate of Southeast Michigan for multiple seasons. 

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Preferred sealers for this surface type: Vexcon AC1315 HGVexcon AC1315Masterkure 300SB

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Paver Leveling


Brick paver patios, drive-ways, and walk-ways are a beautiful addition to your home’s outdoor aesthetic. Unfortunately, while many paver projects are beautiful when they are first installed, but years of negligent care can turn a once beautiful patio into what looks like the remnants of an demolition project. Moreover, uneven or sunken pavers can pose a safety hazard to your friends and family. 

If this has happened to your patio, drive, or walkway, don’t worry, The professionals at Brown Hardscape can make your uneven or sunken stone or brick pavers look like they were laid yesterday

We begin by carefully removing every unsteady paver stone. Proper support is then added to the base. The new base is then compacted with a heavy-duty tamper to ensure a solid foundation for the pavers to embed themselves.  We then re-seat every paver in their original placements to ensure a proper fit and to maintain the original aesthetic. We then brush polymeric sand in every joint to ensure that each paver is secured in place for years to come. 

We conclude the process by sealing your brick or stone pavers with our top quality sealers to give your surface a beautiful shine.

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